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Did this little girl just win Halloween?

This is downright frightening. A little girl in the Philippines is going viral for her spectacularly spooky Halloween costume. The 2-year-old, named Maya, from Southbay Village, went trick-or-treating dressed up in a flowered dress carrying her own bloodied severed head on a plate. Maya’s mom, Krystal Hwang, shared images and a video of her daughter… Read More »

Get Rid of Your Kids' Halloween Candy

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 We know the struggle to eat healthy during Halloween is REAL-yo! So our Founder, Nikki Warren has some tips to help a girl out! This Halloween try our tips to help keep you on track, and maybe help your family reduce their sugar intake too! 26 Kaia FIT Other posts by… Read More »

Halloween 2018: Venom, Nun and Other Trendiest Makeup and Costume Ideas For The Year’s Most-Awaited Spookfest

2018’s best Makeup and Costume Ideas. Tomorrow is Halloween! And if you are still looking for last moment Halloween costume options, allow us to help you with some of the 2018 trends of Halloween that you may want to give a shot. While we still miss some of the Halloween costume options that have been… Read More »